Pittonkatonk is a community, music-driven celebration in the form of family-style Brass BBQ. When was the last time you danced until you hurt? When you saw a band play in a public space where there wasn’t a stage or even a need for a stage?! Everyone is treated as a VIP because there are no ticket prices, no vending, nothing holding you back from engaging.



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Pittonkatonk is a collaboration between Pete Spynda of Pandemic and the Listening Spaces. The project’s vision is to encourage positive civic actions through socially engaged and sustainable musical programming supported by vested community collaborators. Our mission is to deconstruct and reshape the ideas of what music performance is and eliminate economic, social, and physical barriers between bands, musicians, and audience.

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Through educational programming and community events, Pittonkatonk encourages the musicians, audience, and community members to engage on a social level blurring the lines between performer and spectator. Pittonkatonk’s goal is to create experiences by which families, students, artists, and other community stakeholders can be a part of an enlivened social-club atmosphere in an accessible and welcoming way. Creative engagement in public spaces is a community’s platform for its members to live, learn, and celebrate


for more information about Pittonkatonk please visit our website at http://www.pittonkatonk.com

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